SirGard Cane Corsos



                          Italian Cane Corso Breeder.

 In New Jersey

SirGard Cane Corsos is an award-winning small hobby breeder located thirty minutes east of Philadelphia in South Jersey and is owned by Jim and Barbara and their two kids. One visit to their home, one quickly realizes how passionate they are about their dogs.  SirGard is not a large kennel and or puppy mill trying to produce mediocre dogs to pay the bills.They are passionate about their dogs, and consider them to a part of their family. SirGard is situated on approximately two and half acres of land, allowing the dogs plenty of room to run and play with their two kids JT & Sofia, who love the dogs, especially the little puppies.     


As the founders of SirGard, Jim & Barbara grew up with dogs, lots of them. Jim's family was partial to Golden Retrievers while he was growing up and he spent countless hours honing his dog training skills on many of the Goldens his family owned throughout the years.  While Barbara shared her home with multiple Great Danes and has become an Cane Corso expert in her how right over the last seventeen years. When Jim graduated from college he purchased his first Rottweiler in 1992 and started to actively show and work Rottweilers.  


Over the last 29 years, 21 of which he was involved in Cane Corsos. Jim has owned, worked with, bred and evaluated thousands of Cane Corsos/Large Dominant Breeds and the couple has imported dogs from all over the World.

They have Championed/Titled multiple breeds in confirmation and working events, Jim has owner handled multiple all breed Best in Show winners, a National Specialty Winner and multiple National Specialty Awards of Merit Winners. He has attended countless breed seminars, donated time and money and participating in local rescue efforts and evaluated/assisted large dominant breeds for Animal Control, Animal Shelters and other trainers.

Jim has been member of multiple breed clubs and working clubs, and he has volunteered his time as working with the ICCF, SACCI and CCAA Breed Clubs.  

Over the years Jim's knowlege of the breed as been recognized by his piers all over the world and he was selected as;

  • CCAA Working Committee Chairperson.
  • SACCI National Specialty Working Judge.
  • SACCI National Specialty Certified Decoy.
  • CCAA National Specialty Breed Specific Temperament Evaluator.
  • CCAA & SACCI Working Club Decoy.
  • CCAA Election Oversight Committee Chairperson.
  • CCAA's Chairperson in charge of the First ever "Meet the Breeds" at the Javits Center in New York City in 2010 when the Cane Corso recieved AKC recognition.  
  • 2017 ICCF National Specialty Judge at the ICCF Raduno.

In closing, SirGard's goal is to produce exceptional healthy Italian Cane Corsos with outstanding temperaments for you and your family to enjoy.  SirGard stands behind their dogs and offers lifetime support.  To get more information on the Cane Corso or to inquire about future litters, please e-mail Jim and Barbara at;


August  2021 Update;

Currently evaluating Stud dogs for SirGard's Farrah and working on our waiting list for a possible Winter litter. If we don't find an outstanding stud, we will skip her heat. In the event that we do breed her, pups will be ready to go to their new homes Februay/March of 2022

 e-mail us at for more information.